Chill Noob's Information Edit

  • Chill Noob, known as storybloxs is a veteran in roblox.
  • He got bannned from his alt account for known reasons back in 2015, the main reason was the username: gaybloxs2 (lol)
  • He's real name is Unknown, he's real nation is also unknown, and even he's age is unknown making only he's personaily known.

The RBLX Campers Edit

Chill Noob really liked the RBLX Campers because many of his friends were in it, he almost made into the rblx campers group, because he recived support from Chekster, 4x1le, Dark Santa and Mike velvet. But in the end, the group was full :/

Chill Noob's Personality Edit

Chill Noob has often a Chill personality (giving the name so) but sometimes, he can get often stressed or even worried.

Why Youtube? Edit

"I decided to join youtube since im a HUGE fan of flamingo, im also a good editor, but i can't find a good editor software, so im using the windows editor until i find a good one :V And i joined the camping community due to the fact that i LOVED camping when it released, and would get early access to hotel and mansion.

Chill Noob's Camping Game Edit

Chill noob is a scripter and actually made a camping game : (the game is not done but it will be soon)

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